3 Reasons to Try Winter Camping

3 Reasons to Try Winter Camping

Winter is not known as a camping season and although it’s absurd to think that people can camp during this period, it is actually a fun experience. It isn’t just the cold weather that feels comfortable to lie down in but there are many reasons why you go camping this winter season. Here are the three reasons why you should try winter camping

1. Blissful silence

One of the main reasons why people go camping is because they crave silence and want to get away from the noisy hustle of everyday life. The blissful silence that people crave is even more pronounced when you camp in winter. There are few or no people in campsites. Also most of the buzzing bugs such as mosquitoes will no longer be around to cause disturbance as they can’t stand the cold. Generally, the world usually seems to have slowed down and the only noise you can hear is that of wildlife, birds or soft breaking beach waves.

2. Exploration is Easier

As rivers, lakes and ponds freeze up, you will be able to explore more land within a short time frame. During the warmer seasons you have to move around to avoid water bodies but the with freezed-up water, you can simply go straight across. During this season trees shed foliage while the underbrush is flattened by the snow which will allow you to traverse easily and explore more.

The bare land and bare trees offer a wide and open view of everything around you. The winter night sky is the most beautiful; you’ll get to enjoy unobstructed view of the star-lit sky. From sunrise to sunset, there is something beautiful and unique about winter camping. The open and wide unobstructed views will allow you to see the natural state of the world better than any other camping season. Note that before you try to cross any frozen water-body, first check with the local ranger to ensure that the ice is safe to walk on.

3. Less Crowd

Because a lot of people don’t know winter as a camping season, this will actually work in your favor. When you decide to go camping during this season, you are almost guaranteed that you will be alone with plenty of space. The cold deters a lot of people making campsites & trails to be less crowded if they are not empty. Not only are the sites less crowded, but they are also cheaper. Fewer crowds’ means you’ll hear less noise from other campers in addition to a wide range of campsite options. You will have the chance to enjoy attractions and amenities in the camp-ground in relative solitude.

Fun Outdoor Fall Activities for Kids

Fun Outdoor Fall Activities for Kids

Kids are amazing to be with and spend time with. They are fun when engaged in many outdoor activities. This is important for them as being active helps them grow fast and healthy. Some fun outdoor fall activities for kids include;

1. Art on a sheet

Kids can be allowed to make drawings on a sheet or paper that can be laid on the floor or on the grass. They can be given markers of different colors that they use to make drawings on the sheet or the paper.

2. Making Hula Hoops

Kids can be allowed to make their own hula hoops. The parents can also make the hula hoops for the kids and once made, the kids can be allowed to play with the hula hoops.  Here is how to make a hula hoop.

3. Face painting

The kids can be allowed to use markers to paint their faces. This helps them create friendship as they have fun

4. Outdoor Scrabble

The kids can be provided with letters painted on sheets or cards and be challenged to make words with the letters. This helps them learn a lot as they have fun together.

5. Having outdoor theaters

The kids can be allowed to have an outdoor theater where they can act together and play different roles as they imitate their favorite actors.

6. Toys

The kids can be provided with toys as they play outside. The toys keep the kids busy as they use them to play. There is a very wide variety of toys and kids should be provided with those that they love most.

7. Hide and seek

This is a game that is very popular with many kids. They can play as two kids or as a group. This is a game that the kids can also involve the parents. It is best done outdoor as there are more places for them to hide.

8. Swings and slides

Kids can be taken to have fun swinging and sliding. There are various places for this activity including swings in the home compound or at a park. Swinging and sliding give kids an amazing time

9. Swimming

Kids can be taken out to have a swim. Swimming enables kids to grow as it ensures that their bodies are active hence they become healthy.

10. Trips

Kids can be taken out for fun trips. This can be done by the both their schools and their parents. These trips can be family trips or educational trips to help them learn more.